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This lists gives the date, title and translator of over 200 versions of the Scriptures in English. Where the name of the translator is unknown. or where a group of translators were involved in any work, the version is identified by the publisher's name/s with (parentheses):

1526 (The New Testament: untitled) WILLIAM TYNDALE

1530 The Psalter of David in Englishe. GEORGE COLE

(The Pentateuch: untitled) WILLIAM TYNDALE

1531(?) The Prophete Jonas. WILLIAM TYNDALE

1534 Jeremy the Prophete, Translated into Englishe. GEORGE JOYE

The New Testament. GEORGE JOYE

1535 Biblia: The Bible. MILES COVERDALE

1536 The Newe Testament yet once again corrected by. WILLIAM TYNDALE

1537 (?) (The New Testament) MILES COVERDALE

1537 The Byble (Richard Grafton and Edward Whitechurch)

1539 The Most Sacred Bible (Taverner's Bible) RICHARD TAVENER

The Byble in Englysh (The Great Bible) (Richard Grafton and Edward Whitechurch)

The Newe Testament of oure Sauyour Jesu Christ. MILES COVERDALE

The New Testament in Englyshe. RICHARD TAVENER

The New Testament in Englyshe (Richard Grafton and Edward Whitechurch)

1540 The Byble in Englyshe. MILES COVERDALE

1548(?) Certayne Psalmes chose out of the Psalter. THOMAS STARNHOLD

1549 The first tome or volume of the paraphrase of Erasmus vpon The Newe Testament (Edward Whitechurch)

1557 The Newe Testament of ovr Lord Jesus Christ. WILLIAM WHITTINGHAM

1560 The Bible and Holy Scriptvres conteyned in the Olde and Newe Testament (The Geneva Bible) WILLIAM WHITTINGHAM

1562 The Whole Booke of Psalmes. THOMAS STARNHOLD and I. HOPKINS

1568 The Holie Bible, (The Bishops' Bible) MATTHEW PARKER

1582 The New Testament of Iesvs Christ (Rheims New Testament) GREGORY MARTIN

1592 Apocalypsis. THOMAS BARBAR

1610 The Holie Bible (Douay Old Testament) GREGORY MARTIN

1611 The Holy Bible (The King James Version) (Robert Barker)

1612 The Book of Psalmes. HENRY AINSWORTH

1657 The Dutch Annotations upon the whole Bible. THEODORE HAAK

1700 The Psalmes of David. C. CARYLL

1726 A new version of all the Books of the New Testament. (J Batly and S. Chandler)

1727 The books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon. (J. Walthoe)

1731 The New Testament: translated out of the Latin Vulgate by John Wycliffe, c. 1378. JOHN LEWIS

1741 A new version of St. Matthew's Gospel. DANIEL SCOTT

1745 Mr. Whiston's Primitive New Testament. WILLIAM WHISTON

1761 Divers parts of the Holy Scriptures. MR. MORTIMER

1764 All the books of The Old and New Testament. ANTHONY PURVER

The New Testament. RICHARD WYNNE

1765 The Psalms of David. CHRISTOPHER SMART


1768 A Liberal Translation of the New Testament. EDWARD HARWOOD

1770 The New Testament or New Covenant. JOHN WORSLEY

1771 The Book of Job. THOMAS SCOTT

1773 The Pentateuch of Moses and the Historical Books of the Old Testament. JULIUS BATE

1779 Isaiah. ROBERT LOWTH

Essay towards a literal English version of the New Testament, in the Epistles of the Apostle Paul directed to the Ephesians. JOHN CALLENDER

1782 The Gospel of St. Matthew. GILBERT WAKEFIELD

1784 Jeremiah and Lamentations. BENJAMIN BLAYNEY

1787 The First Book of Moses. DAVID LEVI

The Apostle Paul's First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians. JAMES MACKNIGHT

1789 A New English Translation of the Pentateuch. ISAAC DELGARDO

The Four gospels. GEORGE CAMPBELL

1790 The Book of Psalms. STEPHEN STREET

1791 The New Testament. GILBERT WAKEFIELD

1795 The New Testament. THOMAS HAWKES


An attempt toward revising our English translation of the Greek Scriptures. WILLIAM NEWCOME

1797 The Holy Bible. ALEXANDER GEDDES

1799 A Revised Translation and Interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures. DAVID MACRAE

1805 The Book of Job. JOSEPH STOCK

1807 The Gothic Gospel of St. Matthew. SAMUEL HENSHALL

1808 The Holy Bible. CHARLES THOMSOM

1810 The Book of Job. ELIZABETH SMITH

1811 Canticles: or Song of Solomon. JOHN FRY

1812 The Book of Job. JOHN MASON GOOD

The New Testament. W. WILLIAMS

1816 The English Version of the Polyglot Bible. (Samuel Bagster)

1819 Lyra Davidis (Psalms). JOHN FRY

1822 The Epistles of Paul the Apostle. THOMAS BELSHAM

1825 The Book of Job. GEORGE HUNT

The Psalms. J. PARKHURST

1827 An Amended Version of the Book of Job. GEORGE R. NOYES

Liber Ecclesiasticus, the Book of the Church. LUKE HOWARD

1828 The Gospel of God's Annointed. ALEXANDER GREAVES

1831 The Book of Psalms. GEORGE R. NOYES

1833 A literal translation from the Hebrew of the Twelve Minor prophets. A. PICK

A New and Corrected Version of the New Testament. RODOLPHUS DICKINSON

1834 The Gospel according to Matthew. WILLIAM J. AISLABIE

1835 The Book of the Law from the Holy Bible. (The Pentateuch) JOSEPH ABLETT

1837 A New Translation of the Hebrew Prophets. GEORGE R. NOYES

The Gospel of John. WILLIAM J. AISLABIE

1843 The Gospel according to Saint Matthew: and part of the first chapter of the Gospel according to Saint Mark. SIR JOHN CHEKE

Horae Aramaicae: Comprising concise notices of the Aramean dialects in general and of the versions of the Holy Scripture extant in them; with a translation of Matthew. J. W. ETHERIDGE

1846 The Book of Psalms. JOHN JEBB

A New Translation of proverbs, Ecclestiastes and the canticles. GEORGE R. NOYES

The Four Gospels from the Peshitta. J.W. ETHERIDGE

1848 The New Testament. JONATHAN MORGAN

St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. HERMAN HEINFETTER

1849 The Apostolic Acts and Epistles. J. W. ETHERIDGE

1850 The Bible Revised. FRANCIS BARHAM

1851 The New Testament. JAMES MURDOCK

The Epistle of Paul to the Romans. JOSEPH TURNBULL

The Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews HERMAN HEINFETTER

1854 The Epistles of Paul the Apostle. JOSEPH TURNBULL

1855 The Book of Genesis. HENRY E. J. HOWARD

A Translation of the Gospels. ANDREWS NORTON

1857 The Books of Exodus and Leviticus. HENRY E. J. HOWARD

1858 The New Testament. LEICESTER A. SAWYER

1859 A Revised Translation of the New Testament. W.G. COOKESLEY

1860 The Psalms. LORD CONGLETON

1861 Jewish School and Family Bible. A. BENISCH

1861(?) The New Testament...As revised and Corrected by the Spirits. LEONARD THORN

1862 The New Testament. H. HIGHTON

1863 The Holy Bible. ROBERT YOUNG

The Psalms. W. KAY

The Book of Daniel. JOHN BELLAMY

1864 The Book of Job. J. M. RODWELL

The Emphatic Diaglot. BENJAMIN WILSON

1867 The Minor Prophets. JOHN MELLAMY

1869 The Book of Job in metre. WILLIAM MEIKLE

The Book of Psalms. CHARLES CARTER

1870 The New Testament. JOHN BOWES

1871 The Book of Job. FRANCIS BARHAM

The Book of Psalms. FRANCIS BARHAM and JOHN HARE

St. John's Epistles. FRANCIS BARHAM

1871(?) The Gospels, Acts, Epistles and Book of Revelation. JOHN DARBY

1876 The Holy Bible. JULIA E. SMITH

1877 The New Testament. JOHN RICHTER

Revised English Bible. (Eyre and Spottiswoode)

1881 The New testament: English Revised Version. (Cambridge University Press)

1882(?) St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. FERRAR FENTON

1884 The Psalter, and certain Canticles. RICHARD ROLLE

The Book of Psalms. T. K. CHEYNE

St. Paul's Epistles in Modern English. FERRAR FENTON

1885 The Old Testament Scripture. HELEN SPURRELL

The Holy Bible: Revised Version. (Oxford university Press)

1894 A Translation of the Four Gospels from the Syriac of the Sinatic Palimpsest. AGNES S. LEWIS

1897 The New Dispensation: The New Testament. ROBERT WEEKES

1898 The Book of Job. FERRAR FENTON

The Twentieth Century New Testament. (W. and J. Mackay and Co.)


1899 The Old and New Testaments. (J.Clarke and Co.)

1900 St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. W. G. RUTHERFORD

1901 The Holy Bible: American Standard Version. (Thomas Nelson and Sons)

The Five Books of Moses. FERRAR FENTON

The Historical New Testament. JAMES MOFFATT

1902(?) The Bible in Modern English. FERRAR FENTON

1903 The Book of Psalms. KAUFMAN KOHLER

The New Testament in Modern Speech. RICHARD WEYMOUTH

The Revelation. HENRY FORSTER

1904 The New Testament. ADOLPHUS S. WORRELL

1906 St. John's Gospel, Epistles and Revelation. HENRY FORSTER

1908 Corinthians and Thessalonians. W.G. RUTHERFORD

1912 The Book of Ruth. R.H.J. STEWART

1913 The New Testament. JAMES MOFFATT

1914 The Poem of Job. EDWARD G. KING

1916 The Wisdom of Ben-Sira (Ecclesiasticus) W.O.E. OSTERLEY

1917 The Holy Scriptures according to the Masoretic text. (The Jewish Publication Society of America)

1918 The New Testament (The Shorter Bible) CHARLES FORSTER KENT


1921 The Old Testament (The Shorter Bible) CHARLES FORSTER KENT

Mark's Account of Jesus. T.W. PYM

1923 The New Testament. An American Translation EDGAR J. GOODSPEED

The Riverside New Testament. WILLIAM G. BALLANTINE

1924 The Old Testament. JAMES MOFFATT

Centenary Translation of the New Testament. HELEN B. MONTGOMERY

1925 Hebrews. F. H. WALES St Matthew's Gospel. (T. and T. Clark)

1928 The Psalms Complete. WILLIAM W. MARTIN

The Christian's Bible: New Testament. GEORGE LeFEVRE

1933 The Four Gospels according to the Eastern Version. GEORGE M. LAMSA

The Four Gospels. CHARLLES C. TORREY

1936 The Song of Songs. W.O.E. OESTERLEY

1937 The Psalms and the Canticles of the Divine Office. GEORGE ONEILL

The New Testament. JOHANNES GREBER

The New Testament. CHARLES B. WILLIAMS

St. Paul from the Trenches. GERALD CORNISH


The New Testament. EDGAR L. CLEMENTSON

1939 Ecclesiasticus. A. D. POWER

1944 The New Testament. RONALD A. KNOX

1945 The Berkley Version Of The New Testament. GERRIT VERKUYL

1946 The Psalms...Also the Canticles of the Roman Breviary. (Benziger Bros)

The New Testament. (Revised Standard Version) (Thomas Nelson and Sons)

1947 The Psalms. RONALD A. KNOX

The New Testament. GEORGE SWANN

Letters to Young Churches: Epistles of the New Testament. J.B. PHILLIPS

1949 The Old Testament. RONALD A. KNOX

1950 The New Testament of Our Messiah and Saviour Yahshua. A. B. TRAINA

New World Translation: New Testament. (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc.)

1951 The New testament. (Brotherhood Authentic Bible Society)

1952 The Four Gospels. E.V. RIEU

The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version (Thomas Nelson and Sons)

1954 The New Testament. JAMES A. KLEIST and JOSEPH LILLY

The Amplified Bible: Gospel of John. THE LOCKMAN FOUNDATION

1955 The Authentic New Testament. HUGH J. SCHONFIELD

1956 The Inspired Letters in Clearest English. FRANK C. LAUBACH

1957 The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts. GEORGE M. LAMSA

1958 The New Testament in Modern English. J.B. PHILLIPS

The Amplified Bible: New Testament. THE LOCKMAN FOUNDATION

1959 The Holy Bible: The Berkley Version in Modern English. (Zondervan Publishing Co.)

1960 The Holy Bible. (New American Standard)(Thomas Nelson and Sons)

The New World Translation: Old Testament. (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc.)

1961 The New English Bible: New Testament. (Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press)

1962 The Children's Version of the Holy Bible. J.P. GREEN

Modern King James Version of the Holy Bible. (McGraw-Hill)

Living Letters: The paraphrased Epistles. KENNETH TAYLOR

The Amplified Bible: Old Testament Part II. THE LOCKMAN FOUNDATION


1963 The New Testament in the Language of Today. WILLIAM BECK

New American Standard Bible: Old Testament Part I. THE LOCKMAN FOUNDATION

1966 Good News for Modern Man: The New Testament. (American Bible Society)

The Living Scriptures: A New Translation in the King James Tradition. (American Bible Society)

The Jerusalem Bible.

1968 The Cotton Patch Version of Paul's Epistles. CLARENCE JORDAN

The New Testament of Our Master and Saviour. (Missionary Dispensary Bible Research)

1969 The New Testament: A New Translation. WILLIAM BARCLAY

Modern Language New Testament. (Zondervan Publishing Co.)

The Cotton Patch Version of Luke and Acts. CLARENCE JORDAN

1970 New American Bible. (St. Anthony Guild Press)

New English Bible. (Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press)

The Cotton Patch Version of Matthew and John. CLARENCE JORDAN

1971 Letters from Paul. BOYCE BLACK-WELDER

New American Standard Bible. THE LOCKMAN FOUNDATION

King James II Version of the Bible. (Associated Publishers and Authors)

The Living Bible. (Tyndale House)

1972 The New Testament in Modern English: Revised Edition. J.B. PHILLIPS

1973 The New International Version: New Testament. (Zondervan Bible Publishers)

The Translators New Testament. (The British and Foreign Bible Society)

The Cotton Version of Hebrews and the General Epistles. CLARENCE JORDAN

The Poetic Bible. VOE GRAY

1976 Good News Bible. (American Bible Society)

1977 The Holy Bible in the Language of Today. WILLIAM BECK

1978 The New International Version. (Zondervan Bible Publishers)

1979 The New King James Version: New Testament. (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

1982 The Holy Bible: New King James Version. (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

1986 The New Jerusalem Bible. ( )

1989 New Revised Standard Bible. (Thomas Nelson Publishers and others)

Revised English Bible. (Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press)

1991 Contemporary English Version, New Testament. (American Bible Society and Thomas Nelson Publishers)

1995 Contemporary English Version. (American Bible Society and Thomas Nelson Publishers)

1996 New Living Bible. (Tyndale Publishers)


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