Before I knew Messiah I was dead
On my sins I daily fed;
A real great person in my sight
Was myself, mine own delight.
Abominations I did do
In the sight of God, 'tis true;
A medium I did become
I really thought that it was fun
To call up spirits in the dark
While forming a circle, a real great lark.
But Satan grabbed me by my soul
And took me down into that hole;
That hole that is a place of fear,
Of terror, horror and nightmare !
A place where I was held in chains
Chains on my spirit and great pains.
In the dark I was afraid
Of things that walked unseen
Things that touched me whilst I slept,
And during day behind me crept.
My mind was filled with awful sights
Things which kept me awake at nights,
Of filth, death and graveyard too
I just did not know what to do ?

Then one day I came to know
About how God loved me so
And how that if I came to him;
He would forgive me of my sin.
I learned how Yeshua died FOR ME !
On the tree at Calvary,
And how that Yeshua lives today
To wash the sin of men away.
The Scripture also showed me
That from Satan I was FREE
I left the hole he had me in -
For 'in Messiah' I had no sin.
My life God changed, I took Messiah's hand
He leads me now and it's sure grand;
To know that I shall never die
For on Lord Yeshua I rely.

Thankyou God for saving me
I know that it is true;
And I shall tell other men
About how Lord Yeshua loves them too !

2 Corinthians 3:18

This is only a short testimony, the spiritual warfare, the battle with demons took months and their casting out in the name of the Lord Yeshua. God is good in all, saving me and having compassion towards my many tears and cries for help. Lord Yeshua baptising me with Holy Spirit.

I have served the King 28 years and he has never done me harm.

Richard Merrell 1999

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