Rega my cat passed away on 1st March 2013, he was 14. God gave him rest in his battle with cancer, and early on that Friday morning he began to cry with pain, and I weeping asked the Lord to give him rest and within a few mintues his spirit departed, and he had rest; the Lord heard and answered my prayer.

I thought folks might like to see some pics of Rega. God bless all of you. A pet is a family member and the loss a grief, yet animals have a spirit and thus continue. We do not know in what form or shape, but as I have said before, God who is our Father, is the Father of spirits and the Father of lights. God cares for all animals, for every living creature that is upon the Earth, when God made covenant with Noah not to flood the Earth, he also made that covenant with all flesh upon the Earth; a covenant so far reaching even unto this day and age, with each of us, with my cat Rega and your pets too. please read Genesis 9:8-17 You'll note that in some pics Rega still had ears, but white cats can suffer from sun cancer, so I had to have his ears amputated couple years ago but they healed up fine, also he had a cancer in his nose, before he came down with kidney trouble and abdominal tumour. Notice that he had a real wooley coat, and he used to come up to me, lay down and roll over so he could have his brushing, yeah he loved to be brushed; oftentimes each day ! he was a character alright.

Rega got his name from a box that I put him in back in 1998, when as a little cat I was given him by a member of Headquarters Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade, now South Katoomba. I got him home and said to him, 'mmm what to call you?' and looking at the box thought, ah REGA, the brand of bush fire fighting knapsack it had contained. As to Rega being my Cat 1, well that is a category of Bushfire tanker and I thought that apt when talking to members of my brigade about him.

Thanks also to the wonderful staff of Wentworth Falls Animal Hospital, who cared for and treated Rega over the years and during his final days.

Visit the VET

Love your pets, animals have a spirit

A dream of Rega 3 months after he passed away

Rega was a ROAMIN CAT-O-LICK.....he never believed in fact his spirit returned to God who gave it

LAST 2 pics of Rega I took in January and 1 of him before I laid his earthly tabernacle to rest on the afternoon 1st March 2013, I put his furry mouse toy in his paw.

GOD BLESS HIM. and thank you to anyone who looked at his pics.

Richard Merrell, Wentworth Falls, NSW Australia 2013


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