NEW CHILIAD ???? ( millennium)


Matthew 12:40 reveals to us much, much more than the fact that our messiah Yeshua would be in the 'heart of the earth for three days and three nights' in fact the period of this event and that day of resurrection, being the 8th day tells us much indeed.

For instance we know that the month ABIB, called Nisan after the Babylonian captivity, was to be the 'first month' of the 'year', Moses was given this instruction by God ere the Passover night, see Exodus 12:1,2.

Nisan is the month of the crucifixion of  our Lord messiah Yeshua, who was put to death on the exact day, being the 14th day of that month. Indeed Moses was instructed of God to take an 'unblemished lamb on the 10th day of the month and keep it 'til the 14th day, then kill it at evening' our Lord entered Jerusalem on the 10th day of Nisan ( Abib) and was put to death on the 14th day, for he was the 'Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world' he was indeed the 'LORD'S REAL PASSOVER', this spiritual truth the Apostle Paul even declared unto the Corinthian church...'for messiah our passover is sacrificed for us', therefore we are to be unleavened, ( without sin in the camp) I use a figure here.

Now we know that the year began at Nisan, and it is  distinct that the year that messiah was put to death for us, was buried and rose again according to the scriptures, may have indeed been the beginning of a new CHILIAD or 'day'  even the 5th day. If I am correct with this perception then the 3 days and nights reveal to us that there was to be a further 3,000 years of day and night. Now that would put us somewhere nearing the end of the 6th day at this time, possibly c. 33 years or so from the next chiliad which will be the 7th, or the Sabbath day rest for the whole creation when our Lord shall appear the second time without our sin.

Therefore it may well be that this year is NOT 2,000 but rather nearer to 1967 give or take a few years, for there is a known mistake in the calendar. However if we take the time of our Lord's death and resurrection as the start of a new Chilaid, then it is clear that we are not yet in a new Chiliad (millenium). My observations are these, that if we are in the 7th chiliad then why has not the Lord appeared, the answer is simply that we are NOT yet enetered the 7th chiliad at all, and we must note too that the so called 'christian calendar' we use is based on pagan Rome timing and not that of the Bible, and that it gives paganism honour.   The new year does not begin in January which is the Roman 'god' Janus,  known as the 'two faced one', rather the new year begins in Nisan ( Abib) as told by God to Moses. Also the day does NOT begin at midnight, for whoever heard of a day starting in the middle of the night ! No indeed but the day begins at evening, at the appearance of the 'evening star' most likely the planet called by the pagan name of Venus, which in the Southern hemisphere ( Eastern Australia) is seen in the West about 6 pm in the 'evening'

However I perceive by the holy spirit that the three days and nights of Matthew 12:40 speak of the remaining history of man, being 3,000 years of day and night. For I understand that messiah was crucified on the day called by the gentiles Thursday ( Thors day), the 5th day of the week, and this I believe shows us the beginning of the 5th chiliad period. Our Lord rose on the day after the 7th day or sabbaton, this is called the 8th day, which is prefigured by the resurrection, being the time of 'everlasting' the time of the new heaven and earth, wherein shall dwell righteousness. Thus we have this calculation. The 5th, 6th and 7th days our messiah was in the 'heart' of the earth speak of the 5th, 6th and 7th chiliads. The 8th day resurrection tells us of the new heavens and earth to come !!!

This is of course based on a calendar dating from the year of crucifixion ( 33) and NOT from a guess at the year of messiah's birth. That is why I have this present year at c. 1967

Now grace and peace from God the Father and from our Lord Yeshua messiah be with each of you, now and evermore, amen.

Richard Merrell 2000 ?? or c. 1967...