For 5 years 2011 -2016, I suffered from bladder cancer since diagnosis in 2011, Chemo, BCG were no avail the cancer kept returning, low, medium, high. As a Christian I was praying and others for me, so I decided to treat myself, in June 2016 cystoscopy, biopsy, pathology resulted in the same old (cancer) return.

As things happen being retired I joined a local sporting club back in 2014, which is fun, something to do in retirement. However when talking to a club member about my cancer he said 'Oh that can be cured by eating Apricot kernels' my reaction was, 'Oh yeah' So I did my own research on this matter, and came across articles and testimonies, one must note that such so called cures are seen as quackery, but the fact some folks got cured is undeniable or they are all liars.

So, after that June 2016 result above, the Professor I go to was really concerned about me and spoke of surgery again, but cautioned to have one more round of the BCG treatment and further cystoscopy. I then started my OWN treatment, purchased Apricot kernels from Victoria, good Australian ones; only $30 a kilo and they last for a year, so chewed away on 4 morning and evening, guessing at the dosage for my weight 67 Kg after reading how a man of 120 kg chewed 14 a day. So had the next round of BCG and then the time came for the cystoscopy in November 2016, so we are looking 5 months from June of chewing the kernels.

I saw the Professor for the results in December and he says 'Happy Christmas, no cancer found' from the 4 biopsies taken by the surgeon and he handed me the pathology results to take with me. However he said 'Richard I want you to have only 3 weeks (normal is 6 week therapy at the Cancer Clinic) of further BGC, this time as maintenance and a further cystoscopy. I had the BCG February this year and just this week last Monday 3rd July the cystoscopy and the surgeon told me, 'all was clear,' though he took a little biopsy to send off, I see the Professor in August.

Now let me reveal another thing that took place back on the evening prior to the cystoscopy of last November 2016. I was woken suddenly from sleep and had this real deep impression and the words 'tomorrow they shall find nothing' this was repeated to me twice and I began to cry and thank the Lord Yeshua, the voice was not from without but from within, and I knew straight away that I was healed. Sure enough as I said above, no cancer was found the next day. Now no cancer has been found this second time, and when I see the Professor I will tell him the story.

ALSO if you want to look I did a little video last December about this, MY Cancer talk

'And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.'

Genesis 1:29

Richard Merrell 6th July 2017

UPDATE: Had further cystoscopy on February 2nd 2018, and again, 'NO cancer found.' All that remains now is to have a cystoscopy every 6 months for the next ten (10) years. I could say NO to the Professor, but each time the pathology comes back, 'NO' cancer found, will be but further testimony to God's healing grace, so I will have them just for that reason, to show forth witness of God's love, amen

November 2016 NO cancer found, Sept 2017 NO cancer found, Sept 2018 NO cancer found, Sept 2019 NO cancer found, March 2020 NO malignancy found, October 2020 Nothing found,