I was standing in a crowd one day
And there was such a din,
Everyone was crying out -
'Away, and crucify him !'

I asked of one standing near
What means this they're screaming ?
He told me that the one on trial
Was guilty of blaspheming

How, I asked is this
What is it he has done ?
The other one replied;
Said that, he was God's own Son.

And as I then beheld this man
Who had been scourged and blamed
I could not tell just what it was
But, I felt so ashamed.

For I could see within his eyes
As he looked back at me,
One who was a loving friend
He was no enemy.

And on the hill called Calvary
Outside that city gate,
They nailed him to his heavy stake
Then they reviled with hate.

Now as I neared his dying form
I saw the blood-soaked ground
I cried, I fell down at his feet
My Saviour I had found.

For into his eyes again I'd looked
And this time I did see,
He had no need to say one word -
'Cause he was there, For Me.

JOHN 3:16 and 1 JOHN 3:16

Richard Merrell