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1380 Wyclif Bible

1534 Tyndale, modern spelling

1536 Coverdale Bible

1537 Matthew's Bible

1540 Great Bible

1568 The Bishop's Bible

1582 NT 1609 OT Douay - Rheims Bible

1672 KJV Bible

Note how Genesis 3:15 says 'her heel' in the Douay -Rheims

The English Hexapla 6 translations of the New Testament 1380 - 1611

PREFACE The Translators To The Reader 1611 (kjv)

The Preface is I believe, now deliberately left out, to deceive people

LASTLY: It would be remiss of me if I did not make mention of how the majority of these Bibles are themselves in error by using the word 'Easter' at Acts 12:4. The exceptions are the Wyclif and Douay - Rheims, as these come closest by using 'pasch' the correct word is 'Passover.' It is noted that in the Translators to the Reader they comment on the recent translation by the 'papists,' this would be the Douay; yet they themselves used Easter, and show themselves in error. I make point of 2 Timothy 3:16 in the 1611, for it gives a completely different and indeed misleading meaning when compared to the others I have cited, this leads many readers astray.

When reading 2 Timothy 3:16 from the KJV, the word 'is' before 'given' to be omitted and read thus, 'All scripture given by inspiration of God' a far better translation would be, 'All scripture God breathed'

I have uploaded the 1672 KJV pdf for it is easier to locate each book. I felt it better to use original scans than modern English.

Upon reflection, I have decided to include these 2 translations of the Septuagint, often referred to as the LXX because of the 70 translators of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek, The Septuagint, the scriptures used by the apostles. Compare the words of the Lord Yeshua in Luke 4 where he read from the scroll of Isaiah 61:1 (no chapter or verse in those times) with the words in the Septuagint. (better than the KJV OT)

Septuagint Greek English by Sir Lancelot Brenton 1851

New English Translation of the Septuagint or NETS 2007

Holy Bible from the Majority text

NOW FOR A SPECIAL TREAT The Diatessaron by Taitan Earliest Harmomy of the Gospels (c.160)


Richard Merrell, Penrith NSW Australia October 2018