God's love goes out to comfort
To save and justify
But only through the blood of Messiah
On that flow I do rely.
For Yeshua is my Saviour
His blood he gave for me
This love of God is shown
Through the Rood at Calvary.
Forbid it Lord indeed that I should be
Conscious of one thing but
Your wondrous love to me.

And may I never, ever
Put a value on that blood,
For I could never really know
The price of that dear flood.

Because I do remember
And may this always be
Those words that Yeshua spoke
When he cried out at Calvary.
For while hanging on that Stake
We can hear God's decree;
"My Father, Oh my Father
this completes my destiny!" *
And those other words he cried
As his life diminished
Before they pierced his precious side
But three words, "It is finished"

* John 19:30,34 (quotation from the Peshitta)

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