'The pastor has been taken
By two angels of the Lord;
He has been bound in iron fetters
Before the the flaming sword.'
How many pastors will be slain
By the voice from Yeshua's throne ,
How many will be called accursed
And into darkness thrown ?

The Day will come when Yeshua
Shall bid his angels 'Reap'
And they will bind those pastors
As they have bound the sheep.
'twill be on the Day of the Lord
When the Good Shepherd will call
To sift those false shepherds out
Who climbed in o'er the wall.

It shall be as 'Pilgrim Christian' saw
'twas this he did relate;
'I saw there was a door to hell
alongside heaven's gate.'
So I warn you, do not listen to
All shepherds but make a choice,
The way to know the true ones is -
They'll speak with Yeshua's' voice.

These will not compel the sheep
But lead by their example;
Nor for filthy lucre's sake;
They wear Emmanuel's mantle !

1 Peter 5:1-4

The writer recommends that you read John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress, and note Ezekiel chapter 34

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